2023 Player Registration

Welcome to the Mentone Hockey Club Online Registration page for Season 2023.


Hockey Australia’s platform for Hockey Administration nationally is RevolutioniseSport.  To provide a more Club focussed approach we have adopted an additional system called Majestri.  This system (Majestri) was chosen is to offer a more comprehensive fee collection mechanism for our members and reduced the administrative workload.  The Majestri system  is able to cope with the various fee packages we need and payment options we offer. 

A player’s registration and insurance lapses on Dec 31st each year and needs to be renewed   

Similar to previous years, this means that fee collection and registration requires two distinct steps (HV/HA and Club) to be complete.

When Winter Fee Registration is open existing members and families will receive by email a personalised invitation  to register with Mentone Hockey Club for the Winter Season.   (This will come from Majestri and be pre-populated with much of the registration details required).  That invitation will cover collection of the Club portion of fees.  It will also direct members to the second phase, the registration with HV/HA.  (This is the portion required for insurance and to be able to appear on HV team lists).

Members involved in Summer or Indoor Competitions and Academies,  

For those members who need to register with HV for any of the above (generally earlier in the new years) an event will be created in Majestri to collect any fees and that process will also take members to HV registration.    

ONLY COMPLETE THE HV REGISTRATION PHASE ONCE – it is valid for the full year (till Dec 31st) 

For those BRAND NEW to the Club follow this LINK to start the Club and HV Registration process


For any Registration Systems issues please contact

Rod Tansey – 0418 390 791 


Finally, wishing you best of success to you and your team for the coming season.

Let’s make 2023 the year of the Panther.

One Club, Our Club



Sharron Willing
Club President