Liquid Nitrogen Services




Liquid Nitrogen Services supplies and transports Liquid Nitrogen to various services around the Melbourne and Country areas.
The main areas delivered to are:

  • Medical Centres – for removal of warts, sunspots & cancers,
  • Dermatologists –the same as doctors,
  • All the major hospitals and research institutes as well as the Coroners Court,
  • All the Melbourne Universities and Colleges for training of students in various fields of work using Liquid Nitrogen,
  • Many of the leading Restaurants in Melbourne and Victoria

In veterinary and Artificial Insemination for use with Animals,

In Engineering applications for shrink fitting of metals such as shrinking bushes, shafts & pins etc into machinery, and the freezing of various pipes for works to be completed by plumbers

In scientific & food industries where Nitrogen Gas is required.

As well as supplying Liquid Nitrogen we also supply and set up all Cryogenic equipment for these industries.


For inquiries please contact Les or Wendy Filliponi

Phone: 03 9782 2646              Fax: 03 9782 2646

Hours: Mon – Fri 9am-5pm