SNHC Entry and SportsPass


There was a technical issue with the SportsPass app and the HV entry barcodes for the State Netball Hockey Centre over the weekend of the 16th June 2017, and your card may not be linked properly anymore.

If your membership card is not showing in your SportsPass member profile and you do require your membership card for entry to the State Netball Hockey Centre before season ends please follow the next important steps.

Step 1: Click here

Step 2:  LOGIN and re-add your card

Step 3: Your sporting association is: HOCKEY VICTORIA

Step 4: Your unique membership code is: HV17XXXXX

(This number is contained in an email you should have received when you registered with HV – Subject: 2017 HV Digital Membership Card – Download Today!)

If you are missing any membership codes for dependants or the like and are unable to locate your original registration email from Hockey Victoria please contact with the member(s) name and year of birth so the appropriate codes can be issued to you immediately.
Complete the request form: