International Festival of Hockey

The International Festival of Hockey is going to be huge in 2017. This year will feature teams from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, USA and the number one ranked women’s team in the world, Netherlands.


Being played across two great venues in Bendigo and Melbourne,you can expect this year’s International festival of Hockey to be fun for the whole family.



Bendigo Hockey Complex
Bendigo 5-6 November

State Netball Hockey Centre
Melbourne 8-12 November

How Much:      Adults start at $20.35, kids at $10.17
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Want to help support our club while also getting a day at the International Festival of Hockey?
Well you can! With with the Hockey Australia club rebate program, when you purchase your tickets and use our club’s unique offer code, 15% of the ticket will be rebated back to the club. How good is that?
What is our club’s code? MENTONE (should be fairly simple to remember)

Purchase your tickets then sit back and relax at the International Festival of Hockey knowing you’ve supported our club.