Registration and Membership Fees – 2019


For 2019 – All players must register and pay a player registration fee online to Hockey Victoria (HV) AND pay a player subscription fee to the Mentone Hockey Club.

STEP 1 – Hockey Victoria Registration Process :

For Players

All players must register online with HV and at the same time pay a compulsory annual registration fee in order to participate in the 2018 season.
This also covers insurance which runs from 1 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2019
Registration is linked to the Club you are joining, so you need to “HV register” to Mentone Hockey club.  The Mentone Logo should appear under the Hockey Australia Logo.

To HV/HA register directly: click here  or go to and select M and then Mentone HC from the list of clubs

Existing Members

There is a new registration system, so your 2018 password is no longer valid.  All renewing Members must click ‘forgotten your password’ when you appear on the Hockey Australia Registration Page. This is to ensure your migrated data is linked with your 2019 Hockey Victoria Membership Information. When you have clicked ‘forgotten your password’, it will ask you for your email address. You will be sent an email for verification, then go back to the Hockey Australia Landing Page and login to complete your 2019 registration.    (Please ensure you use the email address you used when registering for your 2018 Hockey Victoria Membership.
If you can’t remember the email address you registered with in 2018, please email

New Members

New members (who have not played at another club before in Australia), please click on the “Don’t have an account” to begin the registration process.

Transferring Members

If you have played at another club in Australia previously, please contact your section coordinator who will arrange for the necessary transfer and clearance from your previous club to enable you to play at Mentone HC.  Do not register until your transfer has been processed.

Dual Registrations

If Mentone is your second club (eg, play Masters/seniors or Juniors/Seniors at different clubs), select HV 2019 Dual / Secondary Club Registration option on the Mentone page at $0 cost to add your name to the Mentone database.  You are only required to pay one Hockey Victoria Playing Membership which is paid with your Primary club.

Refer also Hockey Victoria how to register help guide:

If you have any queries about the HV/HA registration process, please contact your section coordinator or call Brenda Boucher on 0422754526

This HV registration fee must be paid for at the time of registering so have your Credit/Debit card handy when you begin the registration process.
Players who have not completed and paid for this registration will NOT be selectable in HV or intra club (Minkey) competitions.

Step 2 – Mentone Membership Fee:

Mentone Fees are to be paid either in full before Round 3 or can be paid by Monthly instalments.

Fees are paid via the Qkr! App. (free download from your device’s App store or for computer – ) and set up your account to make payments.

  • Monthly Instalments: are offered to reduce the impact of making a single payment.
    • Instalment options are available in Qkr! for all fee categories.
    • First instalment must be set up and paid by Round 1 (Seniors & Masters 5/4, Masters, Juniors – 1/5).
    • Late instalment payments attract an additional $50
  • Multiple child discounts

Available for families with more than one child. A $50 discount applies for the 2nd and each subsequent child playing in Intraclub/Minkey, U10’s, U12, U14, U16 or U18 competitions.
If paying for more than one junior child, you will need to obtain a discount coupon number prior to your Qkr! transaction.

  • Life Members

Pay the 50% of the applicable fee. You will need to obtain a discount coupon number prior to your Qkr! transaction.

  • To obtain a discount coupon number, please contact the Treasurer Brenda Boucher on 0422 754 526 or email completing the Qkr transaction.
  • Premier League and Premier League Reserves Levy

$100 will be invoiced to all PL and PLR players after playing 6 rounds in either PL or PLR (excluding any Double up games).  This levy is to help offset the extra costs incurred for PL/PLR teams (umpire fees, live stream levy, team entry, tech bench, coaching, additional games/practice matches, etc.)

  • Players coaching junior teams will have the agreed coach fee refunded at the end of the season.
  • Social Membership – Is available for friends, relatives, past players who would like to be a non-playing member, with full voting rights, and to help contribute to ongoing running of the club.
  • Individual Player Sponsorship is a way of reducing your fees. Anyone wanting to arrange payment of their fees via a sponsorship, should contact the Treasurer to arrange for separate invoicing requirements. For more information about Player sponsorship’s contact the Treasurer Brenda Boucher on 0422 754 526 or email
Mentone Fees 2019 Table
(HV registration fee paid separately)
1st instalment due Discounted Fee if paid before Round 3  Fee if paid after
Round 3
Category Description      
Game On! # Minkey Hockey (Sunday mornings) 1/5/19 $125.00 $125.00
# Intraclub (qtr Field) (Saturday mornings) 1/5/19 $125.00 $125.00
U10’s # Junior playing Under 10 competition – Saturday Mornings (half filed) 1/5/19 $180.00 $180.00
Juniors only # Junior playing in either Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 or Under 18 competition 1/5/19 $320.00 $420.00
# Junior Goal Keeper with Own Goal keeping gear 1/5/19 $150.00 $250.00
Juniors & Seniors # **  Junior Playing in Juniors and Seniors competitions (Jnr plus $220) 5/4/19 $525.00 $625.00
# ** Junior Goal Keeper playing Juniors & Seniors competitions with own gear 5/4/19 $250.00 $350.00
Seniors Only ** Senior – Male or Female 5/4/19 $625.00 $725.00
** Senior – Student/concession – Male or Female (Full-time Student, Health Card Holder) 5/4/19 $525.00 $625.00
** Senior Goal Keeper – with own Gear Playing Men’s or Women’s competition 5/4/19 $250.00 $350.00
Seniors & Masters ** Senior – Male or Female playing Senior and Masters comps (Snr plus $200) 5/4/19 $825.00 $925.00
** Senior Goal Keeper – with own gear playing Senior and Masters Comp (Snr GK plus $100) 5/4/19 $350.00 $450.00
Masters Only Masters – Male or Female playing in Masters comp only 5/4/19 $455.00 $555.00
Master Goal Keeper – with own gear playing Masters only 5/4/19 $250.00 $350.00
Social Social Member –   For friends, relatives, past players who would like to be a non-playing member, with full voting rights, and to help contribute to ongoing running of the club.   $50.00  
 #  Child Discount available – $50 per child      
 ** $100 PL/PLR levy is applicable after 6 rounds of selection in PL/PLR (excludes DU)   THIS WILL BE INVOICED   


  • Team Entry Fees
  • Ground Hire for Training
  • Ground Hire for Games
  • Umpire Fees
  • Coaching and Development
  • Administration and Affiliation Fees
  • Equipment/Balls/First Aid supplies

Our club subsidises membership fees through extra fundraising and sponsorship. Significant increases in umpiring rates, team entry fees, coaching fees and general day to day running costs over the past few years has impacted on our club’s financials and as a result and to ensure ongoing viability of the club, it has become necessary to increase player fees for 2019.


Step 1                                            Download Qkr!
On your Android or iPhone (IPad users must download iPhone app).

Step 2                                            Register

Select ‘Australia’ as your country of residence and follow the easy steps to register

Step 3                                            Find Mentone Hockey Club

Search for Mentone by name, or if you’re within 10km’s of the club, Mentone Hockey Club will appear in ‘Nearby Locations’, click on the Mentone Hockey Club Logo.

Step 4                                            Select appropriate fee(s) and make payment 

Multiple fees can be paid at the same time,

There are discounts for families with multiple Juniors please contact the treasurer to get a discount coupon

If anyone is having difficulties in using the App, you will need to send an email to advising Mentone subscription fee type.

Paying by instalments

Instalments are offered to reduce the impact of paying your hockey fees in a single payment. Monthly Instalment options are available for all fees on Qkr!.  Select the appropriate instalment fee and make payment.

If paying by instalments, your first instalment must be paid before round 1.  If not, full fee payment is to be paid by Round 3.

A reminder that instalments are not an automatic process. You will be sent a reminder when each payment is due and you will need to go to the Qkr app and select the next instalment fee and make payment.  Please do not miss an instalment payment – a $50 fee will be charged.

Mentone Hockey Club bank account.

Account Name: Mentone Hockey Club
BSB: 633000
Account: 130828148

Players who are not fully registered with both HV and Mentone Hockey Club or have any outstanding fees will be ineligible for selection so if you have any questions about the Registration process, Fees or need any assistance, please contact the Treasurer:

Brenda Boucher

Good luck to all of our Mentone members in 2019….. Go Panthers!